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About Servo Stabilizer
Bullet Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer fulfills the need of an interface between an Unregulated Power Supply and a sophisticated equipment which requires highly regulated input AC voltage.
Technical Specifications :
  Single Phase    
Bullet Input : 170 - 270 V AC
Bullet Output : 230 V AC
Bullet Output Accuracy : ± 0.5% (< 5 KVA)
      ± 1% (< 5 KVA)
Bullet Correction Time : Approx. 25 Volts/Sec
Bullet Efficiency : 98%
  Three Phase    
Bullet Input : 350 - 450 or 300 - 470 or 250 - 500 V AC
Bullet Output : 415 V AC
Bullet Output Accuracy : ± 1%
Bullet Correction Time : Approx. 25 Volts/Sec
Bullet Efficiency : 98%
Bullet We also undertake to design, manufacture and commission single and three phase stabilizers with different specification to suit your specific needs.
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