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Bullet Inverter (Digital Inverter)
Bullet Sine wave
Bullet Multi Plus
Bullet Power Plus
Bullet Industrial (3Ph.) / Lift - Back-up Systems
Bullet UPS
Bullet IGBT
Bullet Sine wave
Bullet PWM
Bullet Data care
Bullet Silver
Bullet Gold
Bullet Stabilizer
Bullet DPC
Bullet CVT
Bullet Servo 1-Phase
Bullet Servo 3-Phase
Bullet Digital Water Level Controller
Bullet Pump Care
Bullet Water Flow
Bullet Water Care
Bullet Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB)
Bullet Robo King
Bullet Robo Guard
Bullet Digital Light Sensitive Timer
Bullet Enercon
Bullet Digital Instrument
Bullet Digital Panel Modules
Bullet Volt / Amp / Meter
Bullet Freq. Meter
Bullet Timers
Bullet Ballast
Bullet Choke
Bullet Isolation Transformer
Bullet Transformer
Online IGBT  
Bullet True ONLINE (Zero Transfer Time) Double Conversion Topology with Built-In Isolation Transformer.
Bullet IGBT Based CVT less Humming Free High Frequency Technology.
Bullet Heavy Duty PFC Boost cum Float Pulse Charger.
Bullet Graphic LED Panel
Bullet Advanced Software For Real Time Monitoring And Control (Optional)
Bullet Pure Sinewave CVCF Green Output (< 3% THD.)
Bullet Wide Input Window.
Bullet Automatic Charging In UPS Off Mode.
Bullet Advance Battery Management.
Bullet Cold Start, Generator Compatible.
Bullet Heavy Duty Power Coated Cabinet with High Quality Casters.
Bullet Auto Shutdown And File Saver
Bullet Smart RS-232 Com. Port/DB9 Interface (Optional).
Bullet Various Back-Up Options from 5 Min To 12hours.
UPS - Online IGBT
Controls, Display, Protection (Meters & Status Indicators) & Alarms IGBT
Bullet Stat/Stop is used for switching ON & OFF of UPS
Bullet Reset switch is used for shutting the beeper of resetting the charger fail
Bullet Display switch toggles between continuously rotating different display pages of fixing display on a particular page
Bullet Input mains MCB
Bullet Smpson (Back Panel) : To switch on the internal supplies
Bullet Alarm Audio Mains fail, Battery low
Bullet Protection Input over voltage, battey low, output short circuit, device over temperature, output low, output high, output frequency bad
Bullet General Overall efficiency mains to output > 86%
    Operating conditions for UPS 10-45 degree C
    Cooling Forced air cooling
    Cabinet Free standing
    Noise < 50 db
    Cold start Available
    Night Guard Available
Technical Specifications IGBT
Bullet Topology    
    Devices IGBT
    Frequency 16.1 khz
Bullet Mains Input Voltage 165 - 275 V
    Frequency 45 to 55 Hz
    Source Local/DG set compatible
    Phase Single
    Mains cut at 280 V
    Max Continuous main input 500 V AC
Bullet Output Voltage 230 V AC +/- 1%
    Frequency 50 Hz +/- 2%
    Phase Single
    Waveform Sinewave
    Crest factor 5:1
    Distortion (THD) < 1.7 % on linear load
      < 4.8 % on non linear load
    Inverter efficiency > 90 %
    Transient efficiency for 100% step load Les than 10 ms. for recover to nominal
    Overload capacity 110% for 10 min.
      120% for 5 min.
    Bypass arrangement Manual and static
Bullet Battery Charging current max 15% of battery rating
    Charging end voltage 2.33 V/cell
    Battery low cutoff 1.75 V/cell
Bullet Bypass AVR input range 165 to 275 V AC
    AVR output range 203 to 245 V AC
  Capacity Available : 625 VA to 30 KVA
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