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CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer)
Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) is a highly reliable form of voltage regulating device as it does not have any moving parts. The Ferro Resonance based trasformer provides fast correcting speed with spike & surge free output.
CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer)
About CVT
Bullet Maintenance free as there is no moving parts
Bullet Very fast correction speed (200 V/Sec - Approx.)
Bullet High line transient/spike filtration capacity
Bullet Energy storage capability up to 3 milliseconds
Bullet Automatic current limiting & short circuit protection
Bullet Higher input range for less than rated load
Bullet Isolated output
Bullet Output floating
Technical Specifications :
Bullet Input voltage range : 180 to 260 V (at full load)
      160 to 280 V (at 75% load)
Bullet Output voltage range : 220 V/230 V
Bullet Output voltage regulation : ± 0.5%
Bullet Load regulation : 2% at rated voltage
Bullet Line frequency : 50 Hz. ± 1%
Bullet Output wave form : Sinusoidal (5% distortion at full load)
Bullet Correction speed : 200 V/sec
Bullet Temperature : Operating Max. 800 C
Bullet Efficiency : Approx. 90% at full load
Bullet Noise : Less than 55 Db.
Precaution for use :
Bullet Keep magnetic storage or display devices away from C.V.T.
Bullet Switch ON C.V.T. before switching ON the output load
Bullet Switch OFF the output load before switching OFF C.V.T.
Bullet Not to be used for high inductive load
Bullet Not to be used where the frequency variation is more than 20%
Bullet Switch OFF C.V.T. when not in use.
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